Thursday, February 20, 2014


I have such great news to share with you! For one, I have the honor of hosting another darling girl by the name of Piper Lou who is a magnificent Petite Wanderling! Of course she had the accompaniment of another Lost Thing by the name of Agnes Von PinkTea which is also a lovely creation by the very talented Lisa of P.W.! However, what surprised me most this afternoon was an unexpected package that was left at my front door! Seriously, who could have been so thoughtful to send me such a generous and great smelling gift just because? Susan Tamscin you are the best! You can't imagine how pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed I was to have received a package coming for you! I did not expect this at all or did I think that I deserved such deliciousness! But I am forever grateful! Piper and I will think of you when we light that yummy smelling candle! Awe thanks so much to everyone here for making my heart sing!! I can always count on Dolly Friends to put an extra magical spin to rock my world! With Love, Andie

{photography by: andie from little ditzies}

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