Wednesday, March 20, 2013


What a fabulous success these gnome hats were a few days ago! I have managed to wrap all of my orders up in these sweet little packages and have sent them out officially in the mail! I am in awe of where these gnome hats will be traveling! Some will be going to the UK, Spain, Brazil and Chili while some are traveling here domestically like Colorado, Washington, Oklahoma and even here in California! I am so grateful to all my first time customers! You have made my day with all of your energetic enthusiasm and support! I truly love you guys....enjoy! 
{photography by: andie from little ditzies}


Emmaline ponders...does this hat make me look really cute! Yes Emmaline, you look awfully cute in that Periwinkle hat we made for Abi Monroe! So, let's take that off your dear little head and wrap it up sweetly for Miss Abi! 
{photography by: andie from little ditzies}

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


These sweet Gnome Hats have finally made their debut! The yarns were playful with great results of variations of color ranging in Earth & Water, Smokey Plums, Grassy Meadow, Azure Skies and Stormy Clouds. No two were ever alike which made this so interesting in the final process. Adorable cabachon buttons were made by me and selected to be sewn on to hat that best suited the embellishment! I seriously can't wait to work on another collection! The hats made their way to dear friends such as VoodooLady, Vainilla Dolly, RozB, Liquirizadolly and my dear friend Denise! Love you all for your support and the thoughtfulness for helping my relief fund for my dear Nina! Can't wait to see your girls in my colorful Gnome Hats soon! 
{photography by: andie from little ditzies}

Monday, March 11, 2013


Some fashionable playful fun is coming your way in Gnome Style! The yarns are irresistible with colors ranging in Smokey Plums, Grassy Meadow, Stormy Clouds, Azure Blues and a group called Earth & Water. I will be editing more photos and having some of my girls model them soon!
{photography by: andie from little ditzies}