Monday, September 30, 2013


Once upon a time there was a curious little girl by the name of Jet. 
One day, in a place very far away a sweet puppy named Sparky stumbled upon a girl sitting all alone! She seemed awfully sad so Sparky just had to win her with his friendly charm to see if there was anything he could do to cheer her up. "What's the matter little girl?" asked Sparky. Overcome with dismay, the little girl could not reply right away. So Sparky in his good nature and rambunctious persistence asked her again! The girl exclaimed, " I have packed my bags because I wish to travel and see the world! I really want to have some fun, meet new people and see new places because I just know that there is an an exciting world out there filled with great adventures!" "Oh, yes! It certainly is! " said Sparky. "And I can be that very friend to show you!! But first I must ask your your name if we are going to go on adventures together ?" And the girl happily replied, "My name is Jet!" Jet knew that she had met a really great companion for the new and exciting adventures she had hoped for! 

"Let's Go Sparky! I'm ready! " exclaimed Jet!

And happily..... both Jet and Sparky walked side by side to find there next adventure together!!

{photography by: andie from little ditzies}

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