Saturday, August 17, 2013


I really am going to enjoy the most wonderful opportunity to have this darling Traveler come and stay with me for awhile! She is one of Gbaby's incredibly gorgeous customs and she is appropriately named Jet for the very reason that she will be traveling nearly all around the world!

I am fortunate to be the second person on Gina Soriano's list of Auntie's who have welcomed Jet into my  home. Oh, I just can't wait to share the fun times we will have together and some of the adventures that Jet may experience while she is staying with me. As you can see...Jet will be comfortably taken care of while she is with Auntie Andie!

Thank you so much Gina for this gift of allowing me to personal spend some time with your special girl! You know I have always wanted to have a custom beauty to add to my family.....LOL....can I keep her!!! Well, she is welcome to visit me anytime thats for sure!

So stay tuned...this Little Jet is going places!

{i-photography by: andie from little ditzies}

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